Business Technology Services

We provide enterprise architecture, software development and IT security expertise for you business.  Browse our services for more details.

Our Services

Software Development, Enterprise Architecture, Business IT Strategy, Websites and more.

Technical Architecture

Good technical architecture is the foundation of reliable business IT services.  Whether you’re moving to the cloud or looking to maximise your investment in existing infrastructure, we can help.

Software Development

With decades of combined experience, our team can design and build Mobile, Windows and Web applications using the latest technologies to suit your business needs

Virtual CTO

As your business grows, so will your IT infrastructure and related costs.  We provide expert and unbiased advice and ongoing IT management services to help your business thrive.

Security Risk Management

Cybersecurity risk mitigation is a must for any business.  Get professional advice on the best ways to protect your business and your customer’s from the multitude of cyber threats that exist today

software development

Professional Development Services

We utilise the latest software development tools, business analysis techniques and advanced technical architecture to build reliable, business-critical solutions for your business and customers.

Mobile applications for both Android and Apple devices

Cloud infrastructure, data integrity and backup services

Expert business analysis and advisory service to suit your enterprise needs

Security-first software development to protect your data and IT services

Advanced reporting and data warehousing solutions

Windows and Web Application development using the latest tools

“Stephen has forgotten more about IT systems, architecture, code development and implementation than most so called experts I have met have ever known. 
He also does not speak in IT cliches, so the rest of us can understand what he is explaining.”

Allen Roberts, Strategy Audit

IT Management

Business Advisory Service

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

Get the benefits of a CTO when you don’t need a permanent role.  IT strategy, cybersecurity, technical infrastructure advice and more

Moving to the Cloud

Learn when, and when not, to move your IT services to the cloud.  We can review, plan and revise your infrastructure as you grow

Business Insights

Our team has a wide range of industry and service provider experience and can help strategise to maximise the return on your IT investments